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It gives freedom to access large database of MP3 songs from just one place
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Are you listening to songs over internet day in and day out? Are your relying on internet for all your song needs? Do you find that MP3 search over the internet is most difficult job in this world? If you face one of these issues here is an answer to your trouble. This is called 01-Mp3search. 01-Mp3search has quick synchronization script to fetch data from over 30 different MP3 Search portals where not finding a MP3 is just next to impossible. 01-Mp3search gives freedom to access large database from just one centralized service. And mind well this tool is completely free. A small downloadable exe can be installed at your machine and MP3 search becomes most easy task to achieve. Based on the recent claim from 01-Mp3search team they have 319089 Artists, 257881 Albums & 891283 Titles which can be accessed and searched in just one go. With 01-MP3Search there is no chance to miss any MP3 available in the internet. Though at times 01-MP3Search might take too much of your internet bandwidth and become slow. It is really a useful tool for Song lovers across the globe. There is probably no other services which searches 30 different database like 01-MP3Search.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • 30 different database to collect from
  • Simple exe to be installed
  • Easy to use


  • Does not clear registry during uninstall
  • Might use too much of internet bandwidth
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